Wrong for Minnesota

Jeff Johnson Would Make it Harder for Families to Afford Healthcare

As a representative in the Minnesota State Legislature, Jeff Johnson made it harder, and in some cases impossible, for children with disabilities to get the healthcare that they needed.

Lynda’s daughter, Jennifer, was diagnosed with Autism and a cognitive disability as a young child. To help her achieve developmental milestones, Lynda took Jennifer to therapy multiple times per week. To afford these crucial therapies, Lynda and her family relied on the TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act) program. TEFRA enables thousands of children with disabilities in Minnesota to access services like speech therapy that help them learn and live more independently in the community.

When Jeff Johnson was in the state legislature, he voted to increase fees on the TEFRA program by five percent, making it unaffordable for many working families like Lynda’s.

Lynda’s family went into debt because they couldn’t afford to pay the full amount every month.  Many other parents across Minnesota also couldn’t afford the fee and had to choose between forgoing care for their children – stopping therapies, postponing surgeries, and not purchasing medications – or going deeply into debt.

We can’t afford to let Jeff Johnson sacrifice our kids’ health so that he can give tax breaks to the wealthiest few.We need a governor who will make sure that all Minnesotans, regardless of where they live or where they’re from, have access to quality, affordable care.