Wrong for Minnesota

Jeff Johnson’s Healthcare Plan Could Let Insurance Companies Deny Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

If Jeff Johnson becomes governor of Minnesota, Stacy’s family and many others would be devastated.

Stacy is a breast cancer survivor, her kids have asthma, and four years ago her husband was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Stacy’s son cares for his father full time so that Stacy can continue to work – in order to make ends meet and to afford the medication and care that her husband needs.

Jeff Johnson’s healthcare plan would push families like Stacy’s to the brink, all so that insurance companies can make even more profits.

Under Johnson’s healthcare plan, people with pre-existing conditions would be put back into high-risk pools and insurance companies could charge skyrocketing costs or deny them coverage.

According to the Star Tribune, when Minnesota had a high-risk pool in the past, “customers paid higher-than-usual premiums and had deductibles of as much as $10,000 per person.” Kare 11 also verified that Jeff Johnson “wants to change the system in ways that would make healthcare more expensive for some Minnesotans.”

We deserve a governor like Tim Walz who will stand up for Minnesota families over big insurance companies. Walz believes that healthcare should be a fundamental right for everyone and as governor, will work to make sure that every Minnesotan has access to high quality care at a price they can afford. He’ll expand the public healthcare option for anyone in Minnesota who wants it and work to lower healthcare costs.