Wrong for Minnesota

Trump is in Minnesota. Here’s How You Can Fight Back.

Trump Tweet, Jeff Johnson.

“You have my complete and total Endorsement. You will win in November!”

That’s how Donald Trump ended a tweet on August 15, 2018, the morning after Minnesota’s primary election. He offered his endorsement to Jeff Johnson, an extreme right-wing Republican who would bring Trump’s divisive policies to Minnesota as governor.



Today, Trump will land in Rochester to rally his supporters behind Johnson and his fellow extremist Republicans. If he is successful, that would mean more corporate tax giveaways, cuts to education, and attacks on our healthcare in Minnesota.  

That’s why we need your help to fight back. Ask two friends to check their registration and vote by November 6.

In 2016, Trump lost Minnesota by less than two percentage points in the presidential election. That’s way too close for comfort. Let’s work together to make sure that Jeff Johnson doesn’t come close to bringing Trump’s values to the governor’s office.