Wrong for Minnesota

Scott Jensen Spread COVID-19 Misinformation and Conspiracies

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott Jensen has promoted reckless conspiracy theories and abused his position as a doctor to discourage people from getting vaccinated. 

In December 2020, Kaiser Health News called Jensen’s COVID-19 comments the “Lie of the Year.” That same month, the Washington Post also fact-checked Jensen’s lies.

In a 2020 Star Tribune story, the director of medical ethics at New York University’s school of medicine called Jensen’s COVID-19 comments problematic and politically driven.

In 2021, Scott Jensen joined a group of right-wing doctors trying to block the use of the COVID vaccine in 12 to 15-year-olds. 

The Minnesota state medical board even investigated Jensen for spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories and giving reckless medical advice.

And then, in June 2022, Jensen threatened the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice with political retaliation for their investigation if elected as governor.

Time after time, Scott Jensen has prioritized his political agenda over the health and safety of Minnesotans. 

Minnesotans deserve better than an extreme conspiracy theorist who would move Minnesota far to the right. 

Scott Jensen is wrong for Minnesota.

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