Wrong for Minnesota

Jim Schultz Supports an Extreme Abortion Ban

Republican Attorney General candidate Jim Schultz supports an extreme abortion ban in Minnesota.

Jim Schultz promised to go “on offense” as attorney general to attack the right to choose without even passing any new laws. Schultz said he would “aggressively defend” pharmacists who deny patients prescriptions related to abortion.

Jim Schultz even served on the board of an extreme anti-choice organization that holds wildly out-of-touch positions on reproductive health care. For example, the organization compares abortion to slavery and genocide, supports forced birth for victims of rape and incest, and dismisses the need for access to abortion to protect the life of the mother as “completely false.”

And now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated the constitutional right to abortion, Jim Schultz and Republicans are one step closer to banning abortion in Minnesota.

We must stop Jim Schultz from bringing his extreme agenda to the attorney general’s office.

Help Us Defeat Jim Schultz